Sunday, July 11, 2010

Remington Blow Dryers for Under $10

I have a heckload of hair. It used to be that I needed my blow dryer to live. I have since gotten really lazy. Really really lazy. And really frizzy.

But I'm turning over a new leaf, people. And that's why, I suppose, I saw blue sparks shooting out of my blow dryer this morning. Ok, they weren't "shooting out" but I'm not splitting hairs (ha! I unintentionally punned!).

And because the gods love me, Target's Daily Deal today is for Remington blow dryers in three patterns:

Each is $9.99 and ships for free (no code needed) for today only.

Use code TOEY738U for an extra 10% off.

Also, if you go through THIS LINK for bing cashback, you'll see a Target link on the right for 10% off. Of course, bing cashback does not always work when you have a code but why not take your chances.

So, a blow dryer for less than 10 bucks with tax, shipped. Not bad, right? Guess which pattern I ordered in the comments.

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