Thursday, June 24, 2010

Metrostyle -- $15 off $15

What do you do when it's 1 a.m., you wake up for unknown reasons, and your cat refuses to spend any time with you?

1. Make The Big Fella's breakfast.
2. Make The Big Fella's lunch.
3. Refrain from making yet another dinner until The Big Fella eats through the (a) chicken and rice, (b) chicken parmesan, (3) corned beef and potatoes, (4) enchiladas with spanish rice, and (5) shepherd's pie. Did I mention it's only two of us humans in the house and that I don't eat meat?
4. Tell you about this Metrostyle code for $15 off a $15 purchase.

If you guessed all of the above, you win a prize.*

I know what you're thinking. What the !@#$% is Metrostyle? But, underneath all that skanky clothes and accessories are some cute items.

This is my fave on their site. I didn't buy it because





If you buy it, don't tell me about how cute it is.

Look how unbelievably happy the model is. I could have been this happy.

Cuteness runners up include:

Does this not look magical? I believe it has healing powers.

Stretch Lace Turtleneck
Available in Black, Ivory, Silver Metallic and True Red.

Yes, I still want to look like Stevie Nicks circa 1972...

...because, God help me, she is still my fashion idol for 27 years running.

Speaking of Bella Donna, I have a theory that whatever cultural influences you're exposed to by the age of 10 become a part of your identity so when you see them again as adults it's like finding a lost piece of you. That's why I don't blame a lot of 20 year olds for liking Green Day. If you're in your 30s though, you're on your own.

What were we talking about again?

Oh yes.

The code works on clearance items and shipping and handling starts at $6.99. That means you can get out of there for a total of eight bucks if you shop strategically. Yes, upon hearing the code was $15 off 15, I had to find something as close to $15 as I could. It's an illness.

Filigree Sandals
Available in Gold Metallic, Black, and Mauve Berry.

Ruched Slingbacks
Available in Black and Graphite.

Cabled Kabuki Sleeve Sweater
Available in Bright Green and Bright Rose.

Zipper Clutch
Available in Black, White, Yellow and True Red.

Braid Clutch
Available, in Sunkiss, Posy, White and Black.

What do you do when you can't sleep?

*The prize is the leftover shepherd's pie. Sorry. Someone has to eat it.

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